Sleep Easy Tonight is designed to reduce the stress of every day living and quite the mind when it is time for you to go to sleep at night.



Is your mind and body exhausted because it is difficult for you to fall asleep at night?
Do you find yourself tossing and turning while thinking about the events of the day?
Can you fall asleep easily but wake up many times during the night and cannot go back to sleep?

You are not alone! Sleep issues affect not only adults, but children and teens as well. Not getting enough sleep can be bad for your physical and mental health and cause some unwelcome symptoms.

Sleep Easy Tonight is a 2-part program designed to reduce the stress of everyday living and quite the mind when it is time for you to go to sleep.

First, we will discuss common sleep patterns, learn what factors affect our natural “rem states” in the brain and learn strategies to overcome insomnia and irregular sleep cycles.

Next, you you will take a powerful 30-minute hypnotic journey into the subconscious mind to break through negative sleep habits and incorporate suggestions to fall asleep faster and deeper each night.

The last 50-minute track can be listened to while actually in bed drifting off to sleep. The soft music and relaxing words will slowly fade out into a beautiful silence during the last 10 minutes and the program will stop on its own.

By listening to these MP3’s you will…

Achieve deep relaxation and mental freedom
Improve your sleep cycles and have more energy
Allow your mind to sleep quickly, calmly and deeply

Music composed by Leigh Spusta, PsimatiXª
Hypnosis Imagery is for personal use. Do not listen to while driving.
Run Time: 106 Minutes

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