Use these 10 powerful steps to increase your confidence to create the success, happiness and prosperity you deserve!



How would your Life be Different if you had more Confidence?
How would your Relationships Change?
How would your Communication be Different?
What would you be able to Achieve in your Life, Love and Career if your Confidence was higher?

Having self confidence is really the mastery of your own mind! By using the acronym for C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.C.E. you will learn 10 powerful steps to increase your confidence and change your negative thought patterns to create the success, happiness and prosperity you deserve!

1. COURAGE to take risks
2. OVERCOME personal fears
3. NEGOTIATE on own terms
4. FOCUS on the positives
5. IMAGINE success & happiness
6. DECISION based strategies
7. ELIMINATE stress and worry
8. NUTRITION and exercise
9. COMMUNICATE assertively
10.ENCOURAGE others to do the same!

This program is a motivational talk and includes a 25-minute Guided Hypnotic Imagery with deep theta music designed to deeply access your subconscious mind to increase confidence, composure and credibility.

Music composed by Leigh Spusta, PsimatiXª
Hypnosis Imagery is for personal use. Do not listen to while driving.
Run Time: 57 Minutes

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