Hypnotherapy is a form of behavior modification counseling coupled with the theory of neuroscience. It is a holistic approach of “Total Sensory Communication” between the mind, body and emotions providing a powerful and effective means of creating “permanent” lifestyle changes. By combining hypnosis with specialized therapeutic techniques, a professionally trained Hypnotherapist acts as a guide to assist you in releasing old, negative habits and fears that keep you from reaching your desired goals.


Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery & NLP

Michele Guzy, C.Ht. is internationally known as “The Mind Coach” and considered L.A.’s Premier Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis Instructor with 30 years of experience in the field of Behavior Modification and Mind/Body Healing. Her clientele ranges from A-List Actors, Musicians, Stunt Performers, Pro-Athletes, Top Level Executives, Therapists and Business Professionals. She has been featured on numerous TV & Radio shows, podcasts and publications for her hypnotherapy modalities and expertise in Past Life Regression.

Past Life Therapy & Spiritual Regression

Are you ready to go within to seek truth to the answers you are looking for? Do you wonder what happens after you make your transition from life? Do you believe that your soul travels through time to reincarnate into another body? And if that is so… do we have the POWER to change our destiny?

These are questions that have been pondered by leaders, scholars, scientists and lay people for centuries. Past Life Regression is a valuable tool for therapy whether you are the individual seeking to help yourself, or the professional who is in the business of helping others.


Mentoring for Hypnotherapists & Professional Speakers

As a Hypnotherapist and Senior Instructor at the College for 30 years, I understand that being self-employed and having a private hypnotherapy practice can be daunting. Even though you have found your true calling and people have always told you that you are a NATURAL PEOPLE HELPER, you may still struggle with fears, procrastination and resistance that block you from moving forward in your success. What I can offer you is that little push off the ledge of life so you can fly and fulfill your dreams!