Frederick J

It is with much thanks and gratitude that I share this testimonial. Thank you for my stop smoking session. After nearly 30 years of habitual smoking, you helped me get free. I knew mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically that smoking was the one habit holding me back from living a fuller, richer, more meaningful life. I felt disgust and despair about this habit, embarrassed and saddened by all of the machinations that I would go through to hide my smoking. I wanted to be healthier in many aspects of my life, but I couldn’t succeed at that and still smoke. During our session, you helped me to see many truths about my thought and behavior patterns, and identify core issues I believe contributed to my continued smoking. Your professionalism, calmness, kindness, and generosity of spirit made hypnotherapy a comfortable and safe experience. Since our session, you have followed up with me by call or text, simply to check in on my progress. I am happy to report that I have been smoke free since our 1st session. Almost immediately, the quality of my life improved, simply from the removal of smoking. Today, I am regularly exercising because I have the breath and stamina to do so. I no longer have to hide my smoking or hope people don’t smell smoke on me or my clothes. And I have saved so much money. My self-esteem has increased. I no longer harbor that shame about how I am destroying myself through smoking. I look better, I feel better. Life has never been better on the inside. For anyone ready to quit smoking and live the life they truly desire (smoke free), I highly recommend they meet Michele Guzy and explore hypnotherapy. A friend once told me “the life you save may be your own.” Thanks to Michele, I feel like I have my life back, and it is full of possibility. Thank you Michele!