I had been struggling with my weight for the past 12 years and I desperately needed a break through. I came to Michele and within the 1st hypnotherapy session she helped me discover the root of my issue and began the healing process. I thought I would come in and instantly get hypnotized, but she is a true therapist! She took the time to listen to my entire life story to understand who I was and identify the source of my pain. The sessions were long and wonderfully freeing. After one session I immediately began to feel differently about myself. She helped me find my joy and self-confidence. After a few more sessions, I noticed a huge change in many aspects of my life. I became more fearless in pursuing my career and travel goals, I considerably stopped carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, I had a stronger sense of discernment with what I wanted out of life and I started finding love in things I hadn’t done in years like dancing! I also became more spiritually connected and aware of God, Angels and all that I am and have been. I ecstatically recommend Michele Guzy. She helped me in ways I wasn’t even expecting. I am forever grateful for her help. Michele is the truth!!