This program is for Hypnotherapists looking to improve their therapeutic hypnosis skills when working with clients.



Improve your hypnosis skills with this amazing Hypnotherapy Instructional Program! This training program is an
excellent opportunity for hypnotherapists to review skills and create a higher confidence level and effectiveness in
their hypnosis sessions.

Master the Basics of Hypnosis consists of 4 Core Programs designed for certified hypnotherapists and new students
looking to increase their skills in their profession. It will cover all of the recommended hypnosis techniques and
formulas that are taught in the 101 Training Course at HMI, College of Hypnotherapy.

The training program provides full demonstrations, detailed scripts and an in-depth discussion of all of these
hypnotic techniques. We cover all of the recommended hypnotic inductions, secondary inductions, deepening
techniques and suggestibility tests used in hypnotherapy sessions.

Each MP3 track consists of 2 levels of learning.

First you will listen to a live demonstration and explanation of how to do specific techniques. Then you will hear the same demonstration again, but at a SLOWER pace with pauses in between each sentence. This gives you the opportunity to repeat each technique “out loud” to get the pace, pitch and tone down accurately. Studies show that this “auditory” style of learning helps people memorize skills more accurately and with greater speed.

Program 1: 1st Session Outline, Theory of the Mind, Suggestibility Tests, Finger-spread, Heavy-Light.

Program 2: Arm Raising Inductions using the following basic conversion styles: Inferred, Fingertips, Balloons, Starting with Hand Up, Using Resistance and Eyes Open.

Program 3: Deepening Techniques using Progressive Relaxation, Staircase, Challenges, Reactional, and Counting
Down into hypnosis from 5 to 0.

Program 4: Secondary Inductions using the Hand Clasp, Finger Spread, Heavy-Light, Reactional, Auto-dual, Eye
Fascination, Counting Down into hypnosis from 5 to 0.

INCLUDED: You will also receive a Master the Basics PDF Training Manual for download.

BONUS: This program offers a Free 20 Minute Phone Consultation with Michele Guzy to discuss Professional Hypnosis Coaching.

Music composed by Leigh Spusta, PsimatiXª
Hypnosis Imagery is for personal use. Do not listen to this program while driving.
Run Time: 185 Minutes

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