Take a hypnotic journey into a future world and discover who or what you will be in your next lifetime!



Are you curious to find who or what you will be in your next lifetime?
Have you ever felt a knowing as to what the future holds and can make accurate predictions?
Do you want to know what earth will be like and ow current events will affect the new world?

A Hypnotic Progression moves us forward in time in order to experience events that haven’t consciously occurred;
it can powerfully affect our soul’s spiritual path. In the future, you may be surprised at how people communicate,
the type of transportation methods we will have and the foods we eat. What you see in the Sci-Fi movies just very
well may come true!

Includes a 45-minute guided visualization to experience a Future Life using deep theta music to access your
subconscious mind in order travel forward in time.

Music composed by Leigh Spusta, PsimatiXª
Hypnosis Imagery is for personal use. Do not listen to while driving.
Run Time: 49 Minutes

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This MP3 is also available as part of the Spiritual Regression Series: 4 Guided Imagery Bundle

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